Is mental health really a concern for your business?

Blog written for Bloomfield Harris Workplace Wellbeing published 5 December 2018.

We often hear 1 in 4 people (MIND) will suffer from a mental illness but that doesn’t bring home the reality to business leaders. Last year the Government published ‘Thriving at Work’ and found that 15% of employees will have a mental health condition.

A mental health condition is synonymous with a physical illness and whilst that figure may or may not seem alarming the numbers of employees suffering from stress or pre-mental illness will be even higher.

MIND reports that 1 in 5 people call in sick because of work stress and the ONS estimate sick days due to mental health are increasing by 25% each year. Mental health and physical health can be a significant cost to a business. Whilst not all illnesses can be prevented many of them can be or at the very least helped.

Sadly death by suicide has been increasing over the past decade. APMS survey (2014) found it was the biggest cause of death in men aged 50 or under. In the UK men make up 53% of the workforce and they are less likely than women to seek help.

Thinking about your business…

How many employees do you have? How many is 15%?

How many employees have chosen to share their mental health with you? What gender are they?

What does your business currently provide or do to help boost employee wellbeing?

It’s also about leaders too. Do you look forward to work?

Chief executive António Horta-Osório, Lloyds Bank, took a significant period of leave to deal with his anxiety and sleep deprivation. Since his return he has introduced a resilience program.

Business owners and leaders have many things to consider but employee wellbeing and mental health need to be a priority. Take a look at our services or get in touch to see how we can help you.