New year goals: Start with why!

Blog written for Bloomfield Harris Workplace Wellbeing published 2 January 2019.

New year goals: Start with why!

Happy new year!

Many people will be reflecting on 2018 and setting goals for 2019. Whether you’re a business owner, director, team leader or employee this blog is here to help you on your way.

Simon Sinek’s first TED talk has been viewed by millions of people and he’s since gone on to inspire organisations and individuals around the world with his leadership expertise.

We wanted to reiterate Simon’s Golden Circle message.

When setting a goal we need to understand the ‘why’ behind it. Why is this goal important to our business, our team, me as an individual? The key to establishing this is quite straightforward. Keep asking yourself why it matters and repeat until there is no other possible answer. You should be left with a core value. The core value behind your goal might not come to you straightaway but start the thinking process and then continue with other work. Your brain will continue to work on your ‘why’ in the background. Setting your 2019 goals shouldn’t be rushed, the impact on your business, you and your colleagues will be the direct result of your ‘why’.

To check this really is the ‘why’ behind the goal you can compare it to your business’s values and mission statement. As an individual you can think about how the goal makes you feel. If there are positive emotions for example, happy or excited it’s probably a good goal to set. If however, you feel uneasy you’ll need to explore why that is and reassess whether the goal meets your values. If a goal isn’t meeting your core values it will be a challenge to meet!

Some may wonder why is there a need for this process. Perhaps you’ve been setting similar goals every year and achieving them or you see setting goals as a process i.e. performance management. Either way, the way you feel and connect with the goal will impact on the success. Spending time thinking about your ‘why’ will not only improve your chances of success but will empower and motivate you. Feeling motivated and engaged at work will have countless positive effects on you and your colleagues. One such benefit is called ‘flow’ the term coined by Distinguished Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi which we will explore in a future post.

Just incase you need a refresher take a look at Simon’s ‘Start with Why’ TED talk.

Simon Sinek TED talk

Simon Sinek (short version)

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Bloomfield Harris would love to help you if you need support establishing your goals for 2019. Get in touch.