Time to Talk day 7th February

Blog written for Bloomfield Harris Workplace Wellbeing published 6 February 2019.

Time to Talk Day 7th February

Tomorrow is Time to Talk Day, the annual charity day established by MIND Time to Change. You can see more about the day here.

If you’ve not got anything planned don’t worry there’s still lots you can do to be there for your family, friends and colleagues.

The aim of the day is to break the stigma around mental health with the aim of ending discrimination.

Early signs

There are some early warning signs that you can look out for in yourself and your colleagues.

  • Changes to eating habits
  • Too much or too little sleep
  • Regular alcohol consumption
  • Substance abuse
  • Aggression and violence
  • Persistent and/or intrusive thoughts
  • Sustained negative emotions (e.g. feeling anxious, low or scared)

If you recognise any of these in yourself or someone else use the opportunity of Time to Talk to share your feelings and concerns.

There’s lots of help available and the sooner you can seek help the better.

  • Speak to your GP
  • Contact IAPT Wiltshire psychological services
  • Visit websites of mental health charities e.g. MIND
  • Call Samaritans
  • If you feel comfortable talk to your line manager or HR manager at work
  • There are also private therapies available but ensure that the therapist is fully qualified see The British Psychological Society for guidance on this

Here are some great ideas for living a happy healthy life from the Mental Health Foundation.

Read through the ideas and pick three you can do this week!

Other ideas

You might try keeping a journal to help monitor your mood. You can also record: three things you are grateful for, three great things that happened and a positive mantra. The 6 minute diary available on Amazon is a great example of this.

You might also consider having a coach to help you align your life with your values. If your values aren’t aligned then you will frequently experience internal conflict, stress and upset. Please get in touch if I can support you with this.

If you’re a business and your like to check your employee mental health and wellbeing I can help you by providing a bespoke policy, survey and consultation.

I’d love to hear from you jessica@bloomfieldharris.com

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