Neals Yard

In 1981 Romy Fraser started Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies. It was the first company to make and sell only organic skincare and body products.

  • DO GOOD: Neal’s Yard is against animal testing, products are all vegetarian and most are vegan. The company supports projects around the world to help ethical practice and uses fair trade products. Find out more here.
  • FEEL GOOD: Neal’s Yard campaign and support projects such as Fair and Wild. They were the first UK retailer to be carbon neutral.
  • LOOK GOOD: What we put on our skin is also absorbed into our blood stream. Neal’s Yard never uses synthetic preservatives which are known for irritating skin. All our ranges are anti-aging. Most people find after 3 weeks of using Neal’s Yard their skin begins to normalise, so dry or oily skin becomes normal again.

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  • Skincare
  • Baby products
  • Food supplements
  • Home diffusers
  • Pure essential oils