Thanks for visiting my website. I’m a freelance psychology writer for businesses and individuals. As well as blogs and articles I can write business documents for you. If you’ve got a psychological question you’d like to find out about get in touch hello@jessicabloomfield.com or visit my contact page.

I’ve studied psychology for half my life, it never fails to fascinate me because it is such a varied and comprehensive subject that can be applied to everything and anything. As well as studying psychology I’ve taught the subject for 10 years, during this time I also studied leadership and became a coach. I’m published in cognitive psychology and ethics, and I was awarded ‘Outstanding contribution to research’ for my masters degree.

My personal values consist of lifelong learning and connection. Although I enjoy quietly reading and typing away, I also get lots of energy from working with others and providing this service.

I hope you enjoy my blog posts and I hope to hear from you soon!